Should You Track Your Children via GPS devices?

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GPS tracking means finding your loved ones through Global Positioning System. These days the market has almost been flooded with various gadgets and tools based on GPS technology explicitly designed to locate your kids or pets. Using these devices parents can easily find out where their kids are when they are not with them.

1. How Does GPS Tracking Work for Parents?

There are different types of GPS tracking devices including wristwatches or small devices that parents can attach to their kid’s clothing, bag or shoes. Parents receive notification alerts as soon as their child steps out of the pre-defined Geo-fencing. Some companies have introduced an SOS option in such devices that makes children alert their parents if they feel insecure or go missing.


2. Is GPS Tracking Your Child Is The Right Solution?

Safety of child should obviously be the top priority of parents, but GPS-tracking your kid is a wise idea or not? Today we will be discussing the same topic in a bit detail.

  •  GPS Tracking Your Kid – A Blessing Device Or A Curse

There have been many debates erupted concerning the usage of GPS gadgets especially to locate your child position. Some seemed to appraise the technology while others were of the view that it has deteriorating effects on a child as long as child’s freedom is concerned.

  • Effects Of GPS Tracking On Your Child

It is understandable that being parent, you are concerned about your child’s protection but have you ever imagined that it could make your child lose his/her confidence. When your kids know they are being watched, they may feel annoyed maybe for a good reason, or they simply start feeling that their freedom has been compromised. Children should be allowed to have their personal space to learn and grow naturally.

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3. Thoughts From Parents Appraising GPS Tracking Their Kid

Thoughts From Parents Appraising GPS Tracking Their Kid

There are quite big numbers of parents who feel GPS tracking should not be considered as a spying device. Their purpose is not to bar the freedom of their child but to allow them to do whatever they want while reassuring their parents that their child is safe.

  • It’s Not About Good or Bad, It’s About Care

It’s not possible for you to keep an eye on your children all the day. You have to let them free to go to play, to visit their friend’s place, etc. But isn’t it a good idea that you keep track of your child instead of being stressed if your child doesn’t return home by the time you asked him to come back?

  • Make Your Children Know The Importance Of a GPS Tracker

From their perspective, this technology indeed requires a good communication to take place between you and your children. You should explain your children carefully the importance of a tracker. Make sure that your children know that they still need to be vigilant even if they put on the tracker.

  • Let Your Child Know – GPS Tracking Is Only For Their Safety Purpose

It could become even worse if your child doesn’t like to be tracked and know where the little transmitter is attached to them. What they could do is to remove that tracking device deliberately. This will prevent their location from being tracked but they could end up in some real trouble and parent wouldn’t have any idea.

Therefore, your child must know the purpose of the tracker, and this is how both parent and child won’t feel inconvenienced.

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4. Real-life Parenting

No matter how benefit these gadgets can have but they can never be a substitute or replacement for parental attention. Being a parent, you must know your child’s routine affairs, where they go, what company they sit in, etc. Many parents take for granted the security of their children knowing that they have GPS tracking device attached to their children.

  • Don’t Take Your Children Safety For Granted

Remember these devices may not work in the event of abuse or kidnapping of your child. Offenders are usually well prepared. They won’t give you any chance to track your child by removing any tracking device attached to your child at first. Most of the incidents took place concerning the ransom kidnapping, or child abuse are prepared by family members or those who are entrusted.

  • Allow Your Children To Have Some Personal Space

When a child grows older and starts developing the sense of maturity, it’s important for parents to allow him/her the freedom to make decisions, to hang out with friends. It sometimes can be a tough thing to do for parents knowing that their child can be in danger if not protected but parents need to understand the importance of personal space their child needs.

  • Let Them Face Challenges On Their Own

No matter how much you are overprotected and whatever technology you are using to protect your children, there are some limits to human boundaries set by the Mother Nature. Therefore, talking to your children and developing the sense of responsibility can equip them to cope up with the challenges of life.

  • Teach Your Child How To Respond When Something Happens Unexpectedly

It’s natural for them to face dangers, realities, and hardships of life, but the most important thing is how they respond to those challenges. Try teaching your kid to respond to the situation and not to react. There is nothing in the world that has no solution. All they need is to remain calm and confident that they can do it.


5. Advice For Parents

Parents need to build confidence in their children and teach them to be independent in their decision. Parents need to create a sense of care and responsibility in them, instead of keeping an eye on their children constantly. Children must be able to decide themselves before getting involved in any activity that is either healthy for them or could get them in real trouble.