How to teach kids about stranger danger

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There are different people in our community including new residents and strangers. Most of the time when you visit a store with your kid, you’re more likely to meet people that you don’t know or you’ve never seen before. It is important to ensure that your kids do not interact with people who don’t have good intentions. Not all strangers are bad but some of them cannot be trusted with kids. It is very important to protect your kids from dangerous strangers. In this article, we will discuss tips on how to teach your kids about dangerous strangers.

1. Who is a stranger?

A stranger is any person that your family doesn’t know. As we have seen, all strangers aren’t bad. There are some people who may be very dangerous especially to kids.

It is very important to teach your kids how to handle a dangerous situation. Not all strangers have good intention toward your kid. You should teach your kids to always say NO to strangers demands. Strangers are very creative when they want to take your child. They can use all kind of ways and opportunities available to ensure they achieve their purpose. Below are the scenarios by which your kid can be deceived by a stranger.

  • A good looking stranger can approach your kid while playing in the park and ask him/her to help find a lost puppy.
  • A neighbor who is not a family friend inviting your kid for a snack in the house.
  • A stranger may also offer to give your kid for a ride
  • A stranger may also give your kid a chocolate and lie to him/her that he is the friend of dad and that you should give in to request.
  • When your kid is going home from a friend’s house, a car may pull over and stranger request to offer the child for a ride home.

These are just some of the techniques used by the stranger to deceive your kid. You must teach your kid to say no to those kinds of games and tricks. As a responsible parent, you should not only teach your kids to handle dangerous situations but you should also take responsibility as a parent. There are very important things that a parent should do to ensure that the kid is safe.

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2. As a parent you should know exactly where your kid is at all times

Before you kid leaves the house, it is a rule for the kid to let the parent know exactly where he/she is going. You must teach your child to seek permission before leaving the house. In this kind of a situation and especially in dangerous time as now, you should always ensure that your child has a cell phone and is able to call in case of anything. It is also important to ensure that your child’s cell phone has a tracker.

3. Let your child know safe places where he/she should go

It is important to let your child avoid places that you think are dangerous and unsafe. You should monitor every move a child is making. Let the child know that you’re not happy with him going to unsafe places. Let your child know the way out in case of trouble. Never allow your child to visit some parks that you feel are unsafe or has strangers who may harm or kidnap your child.

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4. Teach your children to trust their instincts

When your kid feels that a place is unsafe, he should always have his way out. Teach your children to trust their instincts. Your child must see if the place is safe or not. Of course you will not always be with your child. Let your children be able to make their own decisions. Equip them with the relevant knowledge tips and tricks to run away from disasters.

5. Teach your children to be assertive

Let your children know that it is important to say no. if a stranger is trying to trick your kid into doing something, your kid must say no to such a plan. Being assertive is very important.

6. Encourage your child to play with others

When your child is out in the field he should not move away from the company of other children. They should play as a group and avoid any stranger offering gifts and asking for their company.