When Should You Replace New Car Seat?

I was told that the reason i should replace a car seat is because after an accident the safety seat may be lose and not functioning well. Moreover, if i do not notify the insurance company, the insurance can think the problem is because of a previous accident and can decline to pay for a new seat. So i was wondering why i need to replace my car seat.


After a moderate or severe accident

NHTSA recommends that all car seats must be replaced after a moderate or severe accident. This ensures the continued safety of your child. The NHTSA guidelines also recommend replacement of car seats if the occupants got injuries due to the accident. Replace the seats if the airbags did not deploy or the vehicle is still driveable after an accident.

Many car owners do not realize that they are supposed to replace their child car seats after a crash. More importantly, insurance companies cover the cost of replacing the seat. Therefore, after an accident, do not fear to replace as you will spend less money.

The car seat is part of your car for insurance purposes. However, the safety seat must meet the guidelines set out by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Hospitals also follow the guidelines in determining whether the child safety seat need replacement.

By regulations, car seats must have a sticker listing the date of manufacture, the name of the manufacturer, address, phone number and the model number. Some seats come with caution messages like “ if involved in a crush, discard the seat.” The safety measure protects your children or babies.

It is difficult to evaluate the seat whether it is still reliable after an accident. Even after a minor accident, you the seat needs careful inspection. Some damages to the seat can be invisible to your eyes. The safety restraint can have hairline fractures, or the color of the plastic is concealing the stress marks. The accident can leave stress on the harness or seat belt straps.

After a crash, the seat must be replaced whether the child was in the vehicle or not. Replacement after an accident does not differentiate between occupied and occupied seats. The amount of force is what determines whether the seat was damaged.

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If the children outgrow the age limit

Children seats have age limits. When children are younger like up to 4 years, there is a particular safety restraint to use. However, once the children outgrow the appropriate child restraint age and weight limit, you must replace the seats with suitable ones for better safety or avoid causing injuries to your child.

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After an accident, replace your safety restraint whether it is new or not to prevent fatal injuries. The severity of the seat can weaken the harness straps and expose your or your child to danger while driving. The safety restrictions are not meant to handle more than one hit. Therefore, after one moderate or severe collision, the seat has accomplished its job and should not be used again. Therefore, you must replace the safety restraint to protect your loved ones. You can contact the manufacturer of the seat for further clarification.