How to Create Master Your Children’ Morning and Evening Routines

Are you looking for the easiest way to keep the stress out of Parenting? You need to figure out the key issue that you are struggling to deal with. Making your children up, fed and dressed by not later than 7:00 am could easily make your way to go unstressed. It may take you some time to work out the morning and evening routine that fits best for your kids. But trying some tips mentioned below is not a bad idea to start with.

A. Morning Routines

1. Enough Sleep Is Necessary For the Fresh Startup In The Morning

You must ensure that your kids are getting enough sleep. Duration of sleep a kid needs depends on the age group of your child. It can easily be determined by consulting sleep charts to know appropriate number of hours that you kid needs to sleep.

2. Get Things Done At Night For The Next Day

Now when you know your child has had enough sleep, the next thing is to minimize the morning duties. You should be prepared well enough for the following day by getting things done at night, for example, making you kids bag, pressing their clothes, preparing their lunch boxes, polishing their shoe, etc.

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3. Wake Up A Little Earlier Than Your Kids

Try getting up 15 to 30 minutes earlier than the rest of the family, take a shower, dressed up and have a cup of coffee. This will help you start your day energetically. Now is the time to wake up your kids and get them washed, dressed and fed.

4. Make a “Things To Do” List

Listing up “things to do” would do well rather than just remembering or prioritizing the task. You could easily become panic if you’re not clear what exactly needs to be done. Things that you wish to have your kids done may include

  • Brushing of teeth
  • Washing the face
  • Dressing up
  • Combing Hair
  • Putting on the shoes
  • Finishing the Breakfast
  • Grabbing up the school bag
  • Heading to Van

5. Use When & Then Strategy

When your children come back from school, they may wish to start playing video games, watch TV, etc. You need to counter the situation maturely. Shouting at your children won’t work. Try finding out what your child loves to do the most and then make it contingent on the things you want them to do first. For example, to play video games, they need to complete the homework.


B. Evening Routines

1. Allow Your Children Sometime To Fun

Children love to play. You must allow them some time to play their favorite video game or watch cartoons etc. Try not to be too strict for making your children do the things they don’t like. E.g. you may wish them to leave early to bed, but your kid is not willing to go to bed. You can tell them if they want to hear a fairy tale, they need to go to their bed early. It works really.

2. Make Sure Your Child Has Done Their Homework

Some children don’t like to study or doing homework. There could be various reasons for that. It may well be the case that your child is having a hard time to do homework and may need some help. Try to spare some time to offer your assistance to your child in getting his/her homework done. This will make your child feel relieved and ready to go to school the next day happily.

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3. Make Your Kids Brush Their Teeth

Try developing a habit of brushing teeth in your children before they leave for the bed. It sometimes can be difficult, but you can use the reward approach. You can tell your kids that you’re going to take them to Fun land every week if they never forget to brush their teeth before leaving to bed.

4. Ensure That Your Kid Takes A Dinner

Children usually don’t bother to eat dinner. As a result, they may start feeling hungry at midnight. You obviously would not wish to get your kid wake up starving late at night. It will not only disturb your kid’s sleeping hours but will cause you some inconvenience as well. Make sure that your kid’s tummy is happy by making them eat snacks at least if they don’t like eating dinner.

We believe that mastering your child’ morning and evening routine would not only make you feel accomplished but also make you sleep tight and wake you up the next morning more lively and fresh.