Be Careful when Sharing photos of your kids on Facebook

Sharing photos of your kids on Facebook

In today’s world there very few people who is not regular users of Facebook. Almost every individual seems indulge in using Facebook. Using Facebook is a natural phenomenon in today’s life. Almost everyone has an account in Facebook and use it very regularly.

Every person seem busy in sharing his/her memories, status about ongoing political or sports events, pictures of trip or school. People relating to every walk of life using Facebook in his own capacity. Journalists and political bodies are busy in promoting their views, ideas and work he has done in his tenure. Singers keep people updated for their upcoming events.

It is the Facebook which has kept people connected living in various regions of the world. At one side it has connected people living distant from each other on other hand it has disconnected people living in the same house. At one side it has a lot of benefits on the other sides it has badly affect the world too. People are addicted to this app and people are so addicted that they cannot even think to leave Facebook.

Now a day people go to restaurant, start eating what they have ordered without even noticing how they are eating and what they are eating. They even do not enjoy the company of each other. When they finish dinner or lunch, they start walking on road still ,they have mobile in their hands while using Facebook. Photo sharing on Facebook is of the common activity in which almost all the community using Facebook is involved. The main point here towards which is want to draw people attention is that whether photo sharing of your kids is ok or it has some negative impacts also?

There are many points which compel me to say or to admit that photo sharing of your kidsis very dangerous or it can be proved dangerous.

1. Photo sharing can make troubles for you.

Photo sharing can make troubles for you.

Photo sharing of your kids can make you feel even guilty in some conditions. In today’s world when there are millions of kind hearted people,on the same side there are hundreds of evil or cruel people also living among us. These evil and criminal minded people can make your photo sharing activity a mean of their earning. They can plan a very dangerous and cruel plan regarding snatching your kids.

What is my point here let me explain. Whenever you upload a photo of your kid there is also time, date and place mention also. Continuously you will be going to upload his/ her pictures while mentioning the time, dates and the places. When you are going to do any activity with your kids, you will be also going to mention this on Facebook.

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The question is what will cause you the trouble? The answer is the professional criminals will also be there in time and can kidnap your child, or can make harms to your child there. They keep observing you and your activities. Your Facebook statuses assist them in making a full proof plan that, how to operate in that particular date and time. They make plan that how and from where they will operate. This photo sharing activities makes those able to successfully operate their plan

2. Photo sharing in unethical activity to do

.Photo sharing in unethical activity to do

The second important point in my mind is related to ethical issue. The photo shared by you is not yours and you have not permitted by the baby to share his/her photo publicly. He/ she do not even know at the time when the photo is sharing on Facebook or publically. At that time he/she even cannot talk and we do not know that whether he will like this in future or not.

Here, we use our authority in a wrong way. It is totally unethical and unfair with your kids. Some pictures are even naked and the kid will never like this to be shared publicly or on Facebook or other social media. As a parent care must be taken while making such decision about an action which is related to a person who is even of unaware that why the decision is taken, what will be the effects of the decision on him and whether he/she will like this or not on future.

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It is my sincere advice for all parent who are fond of sharing photos on Facebook specially of their babies, is to avoid this action which can create serious trouble in future. Such activity can result an embarrassment in near future either from your baby side or from the people outside. It is good to have memories of your kids with you but it is not necessary they we share our memories with public. Public even do not have any concern with our kids photos and even they do not comment from the core of their heart, they just do as a formality.