What Age a Baby Stay in a Booster Seat in the Car?

Every parent will ask this question. How old should your kid stop using a booster seat? A booster seat is very important to your kid as it offers safety and protection in the case of an accident. Car booster seat allows your kid to sit comfortably and securely. It also gives your kid the maximum height where you can monitor the kid while still driving.

Of course your kid should not stay in a booster seat until he is fully grown up. There is that age and weight that a kid should move out of the seat and start riding on a normal car seat. In this article, we will discuss the age, weight and height by which a kid should stop riding on a booster seat.

When the kid has gained a certain height

One of the reasons why a kid should ride on a booster seat is to gain a height that will allow you to closely monitor the kid while riding. Kids sometimes tend to do some stuff while riding on the car.

A booster seat gives the kid a height that allows you to monitor every move. When the kid has gained the best height, it is good to move him/her from the booster seat to the normal seat.

When your kid has reached the age of 12 years

Booster seats offer safety and protection to your kid and give the kid a good height while on the seat. When your kid reaches the age of 12 it is good to move him from the booster seat to the normal seat. At this age, your kid is big enough and is able to take good care of himself/herself.

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However, this will depend on the weight and health of the kid. Disabled kids might stay longer in a booster seat than normal kids. The safety of your kid is very important, if you see as though your kid’s safety will be compromised, you can allow him/her to continue using the seat until you feel as though it is appropriate for him/her to shift form booster seat to the normal seat.

When the kid is more than 65lbs

When your kid reaches 65bls, you can decide to sift him from the seat to the normal car seat. There are some important factors you need to consider before doing this. You need to consider the height of your kid. If your kid has not gained enough height where you can easily monitor him/her, you can extend the period by which he/she will be on the seat. Ensure your kid is mature enough to use the normal seat.


Booster seats are safety seats for our kid. They offer adequate safety and protection. They also raise the height o the kid such that you will be able to monitor him/her while you’re still driving. There is that age that your kid should stop using the seat. We have discussed age and weight and other factors to consider while shifting your kid from the booster seat to the normal car seat.